poland collage list

List of Universities & Colleges

Sr. No. Name of Colleges and University Website
1Academy of Economics in CracowVisit us
2Academy of Economics in KatowiceVisit us
3Warsaw University of TechnologyVisit us
4Pozna? University of TechnologyVisit us
5Technical University of ?d?Visit us
6Polonia UniversityVisit us
7Bialystok University of TechnologyVisit us
8university of lodzVisit us
9Adam Mickiewicz University-AMUVisit us
10vistula universityVisit us
11Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy(WSGE)Visit us
12 University College of Enterprise and Administration(WSPA)Visit us
13Academy of Humanities and Economics in LodzVisit us
14Adam Mickiewicz University of PoznanVisit us
15Agricultural University Of CracowVisit us
16American Academy of EnglishVisit us
17Catholic University of LublinVisit us
18College of Science, WarsawVisit us
19European Academy of ArtsVisit us
20Fine Arts Academy in GdanskVisit us
21Gdansk Medical AcademyVisit us
22Gdansk Technical AcademyVisit us
23Jagiellonian University, CracowVisit us
24Katowice School of EconomicsVisit us
25Kozminski UniversityVisit us
26Lodz Technical UniversityVisit us
27Medical Academy in GdanskVisit us
28Medical Academy in LodzVisit us
29Medical Academy in WroclawVisit us
30Music Academy CracowVisit us
31Polish Open University in WarsawVisit us
32Polish-Japanese Institute of Information TechnologyVisit us
33Poznan School of BankingVisit us
34School of Banking and Management in CracowVisit us
35Silesian Academy of Medicine in KatowiceVisit us
36Silesian Technical University of GilwiceVisit us
37Technical University of CracowVisit us
38Technical University of LublinVisit us
39Technical University of PoznanVisit us
40University of GdanskVisit us
41University of Management and MarketingVisit us
42University of OpoleVisit us
43University of SilesiaVisit us
44University of WarsawVisit us
45University of WroclawVisit us
46Warsaw university of TechnologyVisit us
47Wroclaw Technical UniversityVisit us