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Why study in Italy ?

  • Plenty top universities with impressive international environment.
  • Italy is an affordable destination for international students.
  • Easy ways to travel the country.
  • A country full of wonders.
  • No pineapple on your pizza.
  •      (Italians are famous for their pizza; you can only find “The Real Pizza” in Italy.

  • Late nights are a given in Italy.
  • So many English-taught degrees you won't know what to choose.
  • The ridiculous graduation ritual.
  • Surrounded by arts, architecture and fashion.
  • Great place to meet your soul mate.

Education System in Italy :

  • Bachelor's degree – generally of 3 years in length
  • Postgraduate Diploma - A one or two years full-time study, designed for graduates
  • Master's Degree – two years of full-time study
  • PhD - of 3 to 4 years in duration

Currency of Italy :

The official currency of Italy is Euro.

1 Euro to INR = 80.16 INDIAN RUPEE (Approx. on 08/03/2018)


Geography & Climate :

Most of Italy has a Mediterranean type of climate, which has cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Winter temperatures along and near the coasts of southern Italy seldom drop to freezing in winter. Summer temperatures there often reach 90 ° F (32 ° C) or higher.