poland opportunity

STUDY IN poland :

poland is located at center of Europe. Polish university education system has a history of 650 years of educating high profile professionals. Polish specialists of all professions are highly appreciated by the recruiters worldwide. Especially Polish doctors, engineers, architects and IT specialists are acclaimed, but other Polish graduates are also considered to be fully prepared to compete on a global job market. The cost of tuition fees & living is still significantly lower than in most of the EU countries. poland is much safer than most of the European countries. Polish culture is well known in the world, for both historical heritage and present achievements.


Why study in poland :

  • The tuition fees & cost of living is low as compare to other European countries.
  • No IELTS or other exam is required to get admission.
  • Can get job search visa after study.
  • Student can travel across the Schengen area easily.
  • Worldwide recognized education qualification.

Education System in poland :

  • Bachelor's degree – generally of 3 years in length
  • Postgraduate Diploma - A one or two years full-time study, designed for graduates
  • Master's Degree – two years of full-time study
  • PhD - of 3 to 4 years in duration

Currency of poland :

The official currency of poland is Polish złoty and also Euro is widely used (€).

1 Polish złoty = Rs. 17.05 /- (Approx. as on July 2016).

1 € = Rs.74.47/- (Approx. as on July 2016).


Geography & Climate :

The climate is mostly temperate throughout the country. The climate is oceanic in the north and west and becomes gradually warmer and continental towards the south and east. Summers are generally warm, with average temperatures between 18 and 30 °C depending on a region. Winters are rather cold, with average temperatures around 3 °C. poland has mountains, river valleys and grass lands. poland has one of the highest numbers of lakes in the world.