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General FAQs

The long stay visa allows the students to stay in France for one Year of studies and after that students need to apply multiyear student resident permit to continue study in France.

The Campus France process takes at least 3 weeks and visa process will take minimum 2 week time.

International student can get scholarship in public Institute and this institute also offers Erasmus program to international student.

The Weather is France is pleasant in the spring Season from March to May and summers are from June to September and Autumn is from October to December. The winter Season not very cold in france.

You must fill online Application form with Campus France before applying for visa

The Average Study cost in France in private institute and Business school is around 8000 euro to 12,000 euro per year.

The average living cost in France is 500 euro per month but living cost can be high in Paris and other big cities.

There are many Higher Education programs are Available in France, which are taught in English. Each Institute may test your level of English language

The admission Requirement for International student may vary from Institute to Institute and level of the study (Bachelors, master or Phd).