study in newzealand

General FAQs

The Permanent visa for International student in New Zealand is based on Point system, the work Experience you will gain after completing your study will help you to get Permanent residence Visa
International student can apply for visa online, student should have Valid unconditional letter of Admission and supporting finance documents to justify the tuition fees , living cost and accommodation cost during study period.
International student can get accommodation on campus in college hostel, or Off campus like renting a flat or apartment.
International student can apply for 12 months open study work permit to get a job and if you find a job you can extended your visa for two years.
There are  many scholarship available for International students  for all the levels of Study. 
Globally recognized Education 
New Zealand is Growing economy offering  Increasing Job Opportunity 
New Zealand has a strong research curriculum
Tuition fees may be paid after getting Visa approval in principle
You can find options in Universities, polytechnics and Private Institution; you have to check your course is available in which institution.
Tuition fees may vary as per Institution, program and study duration. The average study cost in New Zealand  would be approx. 17,000 NZ$ to 35,000NZ$.  The Living cost in New Zealand also vary on the place you leave your accommodation type , but the standard living cost is 15,000 NZ$ per year.
The English language requirement  depends on the Institution you want to apply so, you need to check the requirement of Particular Institute to get admission
All international  student can Work Part time 20 hours per week during their study in New Zealand and full time during  summer holidays.
The Study course available  in New Zealand are
•	Business Management
•	Information technology
•	Hospitality & Tourism
•	Construction, Architecture and  Environment
•	Operation and Logistic