study in Poland

General FAQs

My name is Karan Kashyap

My date of birth is 26/03/1996.

My passport number is N1411236.

I have completed my Bachelors in computer science stream in the year 2017 with 69 %.

Reading, Travelling, Music, Movie ETC.

NO, I have not appeared for IELTS. Yes I have appeared for IELTS and my overall band score is ___

Yes , I have one brother / sister

No, I have not any work experience Or Yes, I have work experience in___________

My father is Businessman.

My mother is housewife.

My height is 5 feet 5 inch.

My weight is 55 kg.

I follow hindu religion.

As I wanted to study my master degree from any good European country so after doing many research I chose Poland because Poland education is recognized worldwide Poland Education is better, Tuition fee, accommodation and food is affordable than other European countries and also after completing my studies from Poland I will be able to get good managerial position at any good MNC either in India or in all over the world or maybe I can start my own business also. Apart from that it is safe and secure to live in.

Poland is in Central Europe and is one of the members of EU; Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Poland is the 9th largest country on the continent. Main cities of Poland are Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Poznan. Tourist cities are Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and Wroclaw. Niebuhr countries are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, and Germany.

Weather in Poland changes all over the year, together with four seasons. Poland is situated in a moderate climate zone. It has mild summer with frequent shower and thunder shower.

As soon as I decided to study abroad I explored all countries like UK / USA / CANADA as my options, but my profile, budget were not matching to these countries. So, I started exploring options from Europe which is again very well-known for its history of studies. From Europe, I did research on countries like, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherland, Denmark and other major countries also which includes Poland. I found a good flow of international students studying in Poland along with students from India. Further I kept on collecting many interesting points of studying in Poland like, - Fees structure and living expenses is very competitive than other European countries. - Study system is same is ECTS ( European credit transfer system) which is common in other countries - Largely people speaks in English - Variety of food is available & vegetarian food is also available. - Degree is valid all over Europe & world also - Polish education system has a history of almost 650 years - Weather is comfortable and people are very friendly and helpful Because of all these compelling reasons, I have selected only Poland than other Europe countries.

Wroclaw University of Science & Technology

I came to know about the university after attending study abroad seminar or from the internet search or from one of my friend who is currently studying in the same university. I know university web page, its I know university web

I had gone through the many good things about this university like: • The University, as Wroclaw University of Technology, has been operating since 1945. • Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is the leading scientific and educational centre in Poland. • The University educates specialists who are valued and sought after in the labour market. • Its creators and organizers were scientists from Lviv and Warsaw. • Today it is one of the biggest and best technical universities in the country with 32 000 students being educated by 2000 academic teachers in 16 faculties: Architecture; Civil Engineering; Chemistry; Electronics; Electrical Engineering; Geoengineering, Mining and Geology; Environmental Engineering; Computer Science and Management; Mechanical and Power Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Fundamental Problems of Technology; Microsystem Electronics and Photonics; Pure and Applied Mathematics; Technology and Computer Science; Technology and Engineering; Technology and Natural Sciences. • Each year the University receives a number of original technical solutions, patents, inventions and technologies that are applicable to industry. • Students have the opportunity to participate in internships and carry out their diplomas in the branches of renowned companies around the world, e.g. Nokia, COMARCH, KGHM, NETIA, Volvo, Ryanair.


No, I do not know any one in the university.

I am interested for Masters in Automotive engineering course.

I choose Master in Production Management because I had already done my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and now I want to do my specialization in the production management so I have decided to do this course.

Yes, I have checked my syllabus. I am going to study Foreign languages (polish, English), And also will have to learn many different modules as per the semesters.(Subjects are mentioned on site semesterwise)

Around 3 to 4 thousands Euro.

Master’s for 1 year 6 months.

After completing my studies I will be back to India and would like to work for some good companies which can give me good opportunities for my better future.

Student has to discuss about the skills they are going to learn from the related course.

My Father and mother will be supporting for my studies. He/She works in the field of ----------------------------

I will definitely come home during the summers to meet my parents and share my experiences with them.

A . No, i don’t think there is any difference between indian education system and poland education system but as i want have some global exposure / international study experience, so i have decided to do my further study from poland. B . Education system in both the countries are same but in india due to huge competition it is difficult to get an admission in a good college in which we want to go and also the expense will be too high so i decided to go for some european university which is valid all over the world and also it will put more weightage on my profile.

student must have to know every part of loan process

Aas my parents are sponsoring my study in Poland so I don’t need to work during my study. If I will get some chance in vacation time I will take some practical training as in my course for 3 to 4 months of internship is mandatory

If student wants do a job or start business.

As I am not interested in my family business I don’t want to join it.

Economy is the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth. In short economy means the demand and supply of the products available in the market.

Yes, it’s true that india is a good IT HUB but i want have some international study experience, and i have heard that poland is also a good IT HUB.

Sunder Pichhai

Wipro, Infosys, TCS, HCL, Tech Mahindra ETC.,

Depend upon the situations will prepare the ans.

Students have to explain what they are going to learn in their studies and how it will help them in future.