study in USA

General FAQs

Form I-20 is an official  U S Government  form issued by a certified by  Colleges and universities for international students. It is a proof that students is Accepted by university or colleges. From I20 is a must have to apply  for USA student visa.
The Difference between college and university is that colleges in USA offers only  undergraduate courses and University offers Undergraduate and graduate courses.
Full time F-1 student can work in the USA for 20 hours a week but for the first year of student can work on campus but after completing first year of study they can work off campus with due permission of international student office.
A credit  is a value  assigned to each course reflecting  the numbers of hours  the class will meet the professor each week.
You can apply for your F-1 visa after you receive your I-20, you must ensure that you get early and timely appointment date for your F-1 visa Interview. 
A liberal art college offers courses in Humanities, Language, math, social & natural sciences and students take 25-50% their course in their major.
The full form of SEVIS is student Exchanger visitor information system. The SEVIS fees is 200USD. All international student have to pay SEVIS fees before applying for visa.
Universities in USA require English Language proficiency for admission and test requirement may be different for each university. The most acceptable  test of English language ability are the  Test of English as a Foreign language( TOFEL),  International  English language testing System (IELTS) and the Pearson test of English (PTE) .
Dependent of Student can apply for Visitor visa not as dependent
The F-1 visa is for  full time study at University and colleges in the USA and J-1 visa is for and student Exchange program for short stay or temporary stay.
There are Several tests are require for student visa  for admission in Under graduate Course below mention tests are require
SAT: A Standardized test to  evaluate  the written , verbal and mathematical skills of the Applicants.
ACT:  Test for student’s ability in  English, Math, Science, Reading  and writing. 
For Graduate studies 
GRE- A test of Verbal reasoning , quantitative  Reasoning  and  analytical  writing for  graduate level studies
GMAT- it is a test require for MBA applicants and business programs that measures basic verbal, mathematical, analytical  writing  and Integrated reasoning skills
MCAT: A standardized examination that assesses problem solving, critical thinking, writing skills, and knowledge of science concepts and principles essential for the study of medicine.
LSAT: A standardized test to measure the reading and verbal reasoning skills used by the law schools as an assessment factor for admission.
DAT: A test to measure general academic ability, comprehension of scientific information, and perceptual ability, used for admission to Dental schools. 
International can get scholarship bases on their merit or any other  Excellent proficiency in Sports, cultural Activity or in community services. 
CPT is the term associated with Employment, which is a part of  curriculum  including internship , cooperative education in USA.