study in Poland

Study in Poland

Polish educational system provides high quality services. That is proven by the success of Polish professionals working all over the world, acclaimed as perfectly educated, creative and effective. Studies in Poland cost much less than in most European countries and cost of living is much lower. There are English courses available for international students, so you don't have to speak Polish. If you prefer to study in Poland , you can attend preparatory Polish courses before the beginning of study.
Although, universities may set higher amount for particular courses, so you should verify the cost of studying abroad in a University of your choice. The living expenses in Poland are much lower than in most EU countries. The amount of 200-400 Euro should cover the monthly costs of accommodation, food and transport. Poland is a safe country. According to statistics, it's one of the safest within the EU. Nevertheless, precautious behavior is necessary, as anywhere in the world. International student can work part time that is 20 hours/week during term time and can work full time during vacations.
Studying in Poland is cheaper than doing so in other parts of Europe. Tuition fees start from less than 1500 EUR per year and rarely go higher than 3000 EUR. Compared to the average fees of private universities in France, Germany, the UK or Scandinavia, this might be a big saving at the start of your studies. For example, according to, Northern European countries ask students to pay approximately 10 000 EUR per year while in France tuition fees range from 2000 to 7000 EUR.
Today, the Polish higher education system is developing rapidly. Poland holds fourth place in Europe (after the United Kingdom, Germany and France) in terms of the number of people enrolled in higher education. The total student population at over 400 university level schools is almost 1.5 million. Each year almost half a million young people begin their education at universities and colleges. Most schools offer courses in foreign languages.
Studying in Poland will give you a high quality European degree, recognizable all around the World at a low cost! Not only you will enjoy high quality of teaching, but also have a chance to pursue your future career in EU. Professionals can apply for a Blue card once they find an employer. This is valid for 2+3 years and the person can work all over European Union. After 5 years you can apply for Permanent Residence option.