What is TOEFL-iBT?

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test that evaluates English proficiency of candidates whose native language is NOT English.



Administered worldwide by Educational Testing Service (ETS), TOEFL is a prerequisite for admission into colleges and universities where English is a lingua franca i.e. the native or official language. TOEFL scores also evaluate the English proficiency of people for whom English is not the native language. It is a prerequisite for admission to various Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate programs around the world, which require students to demonstrate their ability to communicate in English as an entrance requirement.


Who should take the TOEFL?

Non-native English speakers at the 11th grade level or above should take the TOEFL test to provide evidence of their English proficiency, before beginning academic work.

(Important : The TOEFL test content is considered too difficult for students below 11th grade )

Ever since its introduction in the late 2005, TOEFL-iBT has progressively replaced both Computer Based Tests (CBT) and Paper Based Tests (PBT).

The 4-hour test consists of four sections (including speaking) each measuring mainly one of the basic language skills (although some tasks may require integration of these skills) and focusing on language in a strictly academic environment. The TOEFL internet-based test emphasis on integrated language skills and measures all four skills - Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

Examination Fees: $ 170 US


Who all can take TOEFL?

  • 75% of Universities in USA ask for TOEFL score instead of IELTS, as a English Language requirement.
  • All the 10th and 12th Grade Students can appear for this examination.
  • 10+3 (Diploma students)
  • 12+3 (Bachelors of Commerce, Business Administration, Computer Applications, Bachelors of Science, Business Management)
  • 12+4(Bachelors of Engineering, Architecture, B-Tech etc.)
  • All the students who have completed Masters can appear for this examination. (Master’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Science, Masters of Arts, etc.)
  • Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental, Physiotherapy, Hospitality, Aviation etc. students can also appear for the TOEFL
  • People wanting to go on work visa, immigration visa or as dependent etc. can also appear for the same exam

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is considered as one of the most ideal test for testing your proficiency in English language. When you decide to study abroad which opens many opportunities for the career it is important to know the requirements for getting an admission in universities abroad. When you are planning to join a university in a country where English is the native language and even the mode of instruction is the same, it is mandatory to get through the entrance test such as TOEFL to prove that you have the necessary strong skills in English language which is important to survive the competition and to communicate the ideas effectively.


If you are speculating on why to take this test, then the following advantages will clear your qualms:

TOEFL Score is the Most Preferred Score when:

This test is considered as the best one in assessing your skills in English language. It provides the scores more accurately compared to other tests which makes it easier for universities in their decision making process and granting admissions.


More Opportunities

More than 130 countries and more than 7500 universities and institutes depend on TOEFL scores for providing admissions, which means the test takers will get more opportunities as many universities accept TOEFL scores. Even the top universities in U.K, Australia and U.S prefer TOEFL scores as one of the eligibility criterion. This test is conducted for 30 to 40 times a year.


It is Convenient and Easily Accessible

There are more than 4,500 test centers situated in more than 165 countries globally. The time and money is also saved as the test is only for one day and it is not needed to travel for many days continuously like how it is done for other tests.


Easy Access to Classes and Study Materials

One of the best advantages of this test is that you can take online tutorials and even the study materials are available online which covers the required test syllabus and also provides ample number of real-test questions from previous tests for practice. In this era of technology, this becomes an advantage as the test takers need not search the availability of tutorials in their locality and can prepare for the test with valuable study materials which comes in handy without spending much time and cost on travelling.


Get Noticed with TOEFL Scores

As TOFEL provides the accurate scores, it is easy for the test takers to get noticed. The candidates with good scores in TOEFL can prove that they have mastered the required skills in English language for pursuing higher studies abroad.


Measures Skills Academically

TOEFL test completely has academic English tests which make it necessary to demonstrate the English language skills which were learnt in classroom level. In this test you will be asked to read a passage aloud, listen to the lecture and provide response also in the form of reading and writing. All these reflect the classroom environment which tests your academic skills.


It Rates Speaking Skills in Multiple Ways

The speaking section in TOEFL rates your skills in many ways. Your responses are recorded and assessed by three or six raters in ETS (Educational Testing services). This means even if your interviewer rates you badly than you deserve due to any reasons, you can still rely on the other raters which will judge your skills in right way.

TOEFL test has a very good reputation in international levels and is recognized by top universities for its quality and 100% academic accuracy testing techniques. So go ahead and give your best in preparing for this test to know the difference it makes in your career.


Vatslya Batch Timings

Monday to Friday

07:30am – 09:00am
05:30pm – 07:00pm

Saturday – FLT

08:00am – 12:00pm

  • There are 2 batches for which student can have flexible accessibility.

Every SATURDAY happens to be a Full Length Test (FLT), where students can judge their performance status.


For other branch timings contact to the respective branches.


Coaching Fees

Rs.6, 000 + Service Tax (14%) = Rs.6, 840/-